Stressed Out Tree

Winter tree trimming of fruit trees and other species vulnerable to blight such as, crabapple pear peach apple elm hawthorn Trimming of these trees will begin on January 2nd and commence through the end of February. No need to wait for us to reach out to you if you have already received a free estimate […]

Olmsted and the Art of Landscape Design

I recently read The Devil in the White City by Eric Larson about the architectural challenges and triumphs of designing and building the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. Daniel Burnham was the lead architect but I was fascinated by the eccentric and uncompromising, Frederick Law Olmsted, the father of landscape architecture and the designer of Central Park, […]

Snow management work

In the market for steady seasonal work with a thriving, growing company?Snowscapes LLC is now hiring winter snow removal contractors!  We have several seasonal spots with flexibility, competitive compensation, and potential room for growth. 1 to 2 snowplow driver positions Hand shovelers (open hiring) Our removal assignments are primarily commercial contracts and are mostly located in the SW metro Denver […]

Are your Trees Ready for Winter?

Mature trees that haven’t been trimmed in more than 4 years might be vulnerable to broken branches. This is especially true for ash and maple trees. When we address a trim on mature deciduous trees, it’s really the lateral branches or ones that are parallel to the ground, that need to be thinned especially. These are […]

Tips on Maintaining a Great Lawn

Fertilization On warm-season turf-grass species, withhold the first spring nitrogen application until soil temperatures at the 4-inch depth are consistently 65° F. I receive questions all the time about applying fertilizer early in the year especially when we have a warm February. Soil temperature data can to obtained by This past week (Week of April […]

Dealing With Unhealthy Tree!

Are your trees dying or looking sick? The loss of mature trees can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in losses. ArborScape is a licensed tree spraying company that believes in integrating pest management with a broader program to promote the health of your valuable trees and shrubs.  We offer a free estimate so […]