TCIA Partnership

ArborScape has a partnership with Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). This partnership means we are abreast with evolving regulatory issues and have additional resources needed to advance our business and the career of our arborists. In addition, we have several other partnerships including Colorado Tree Care. Learn more about TCIA

FAQ Mountain Pine Beetle

When does the mountain pine attack trees in Colorado? Typically the mountain pine beetle is in flight during the months of June and early July. Before that, it is developing under the bark in its larval stage. There are mountain pine beetles on my tree. Can you stop it? The short answer is no. Preventive […]

Tree Insects and Diseases

An infestation of insects, fungus, or other diseases can seriously affect the overall health & beauty of your trees.  The experienced plant health care technicians at Arborscape will inspect your trees and recommend the best insect and disease control options.  We offer various: Pesticide sprays Bark injections Fertilizer applications The benefits of working with ArborScape: […]

Maple Tree Care

Maple Trees Are A Sturdy, Well-Regarded Species. If You Are Planting A Maple, We Recommend Avoiding Silver Maples As They Have Brittle Branches, Tend To Have Roots That Crawl The Surface, And Are More Likely To Hollow Out Later In Life. Autumn Blaze Maple We Also Avoid it Due To Brittle Branch Structure. Both These […]

Aspen Tree Care

The SHOCKING Truth About Aspen Trees Is That They Aren’t Even Meant To Be Planted Below 6,000 Feet! You Can Look It Up. That’s Why Proven Aspen Tree Cares Needed To Give Them The Cultural Foundation They Need To Survive At The Lower Altitude Of Denver Metro. Since They’re A “Stand” (Group) Tree, They Die-Off […]

Tree Growth Regulators

Tree Growth Regulators Might Help Your Tree Your Tree Might Actually Thrive By Being Smaller And Growing More Slowly. That May Sound Counter-Intuitive, But Developing Data Of  Tree Growth Regulators Seem To Support That, In Urban And Suburban Areas, Smaller Trees Enjoy Better Longevity And Richer Color – And Cost Less To Maintain. We Recently […]