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Ash Destroying EAB

Emerald Ash Borer, A Destructive Beetle That Threatens Ash Trees Was Confirmed In Broomfield.  A Resident Near 136th Avenue And Main St. Contacted A City Forester After Discovering A Suspicious Insect That Was Later Confirmed As Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). The City And County Of Broomfield Have Treated Its 2,900 Ash Trees Located On Right-Of-Ways […]

Mountain Pine Beetle

Mountain Pine Beetle- Tree Damage And Prevention As You Drive Through Rocky Mountain National Park In Colorado It’s Hard Not To See The Work Of The Mountain Pine Beetle. Whether You Acknowledge The Inevitable Cycle Of Forests Or Just See It As The Reason You Had To Cut Down The Once-Beautiful Pine Tree In Your […]

8 Reasons Why Should You Hire an Arborist

We start learning about the importance of trees before we are in grade school. Trees are so important that many people consider them the single most important thing on this planet next to bees. Trees play a tremendously important role in the environment, so much so that without them, most life forms, including humans, wouldn’t […]

Westminster Becomes the Next Victim of Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer was reported in Westminster for the first time, moving quickly from neighboring Broomfield to the north. “In late August, EAB was found and confirmed in Broomfield in the vicinity of Zuni Street and 132nd Ave. and 128th Ave. just across the street from Westminster,” said John Kasza, city forester for Westminster. “This […]