10% on tree trimming!

One week left for winter rates. Spring is almost here and that means 10% off for winter work will go away.The last day to request an estimate and earn a 10% discount is March 20th.For customers who have already taken advantage of this offer, thank you! You save money and there are 10 arborists who […]

Fertilization Promotes Healthy Trees

Maintaining healthy trees in Colorado weather can be a challenge and Castle Rock has trees worth protecting. One excellent, effective way to keep your trees healthy year round is known as deep root fertilization. Whether you are caring for your homes trees or commercial property trees, this tree fertilization will make the difference in making […]

Outdoor Living Spaces

With March blowing in like a lion, our thoughts are turning toward the outdoors and any lawn and landscaping projects for the year. I wanted to offer some new ways of looking at your yard, some new products, and services that look to be hot for 2019, and perhaps a new way to look at […]

Choosing Your Colorado Landscape

We recently published an article about how trees get stressed out and what to do to nurse them back to health. However, one of the biggest problems trees have is they aren’t the right species for the climate (or micro-climate) that which they are planted in. This is probably the biggest factor in controlling the […]

Dormant Oil Treatments

Two Common Species Recommended for Dormant Oil TreatmentsComing up in late winter/early spring, many of our Castle Rock clients schedule dormant oil treatment on their aspen or pine trees.Given these are two key species in our area, dormant oil treatments are key in preventing needle scale on pine trees and oyster shell scale on aspens.Needle scale […]

Arborist Terms and Quizzes

I’ll admit. Most of our customers could care less about the difference between the phloem and the cambium or what the abiotic features of a tree are. They just want their tree healthy and looking good. But there are also the tree fanatics. This includes the Arborscape staff, who to an outsider, seem to have […]

Save 10% on Tree Removal

January 16, 2019 – You can save 10% on tree work when taking advantage of our low-cost winter rates. This could save you hundreds of dollars, especially on large tree removals which can range from $1,000 for an average ornamental, to $4,000 for large cottonwoods. On a deal like that 10% off really adds up! […]

How Trees Let You Know They Are Stressed

Trees might not throw a tantrum or get angry when stressed like we do, but they do have ways of showing that they are stressed. It’s a different kind of stress as well. Sort of like when we are hungry and get irritable. With trees it’s that they are thirsty and or hungry, reaching out […]