Friday Funfact: DaVinci’s Tree Theory

500 years ago, Leonardo Da Vinci observed a simple fact that nobody had apparently ever noticed before:that “all branches of a tree … put together are equal in thickness to its trunk.”In other words, if a tree’s branches were folded upward and squeezed together, the tree would look like one big trunk with the same […]

Tree Trimming Scams 101

    Friends, neighbors, and followers:We all know that this is high time for home improvements, especially tree trimming and other plant health care treatments – and of course, where there’s plentiful activity, there are parasites who take advantage of the bustle. Here’s a heads-up on the latest tree trimming scam we’ve noticed sweeping the country […]

10 more backyard celebration landscaping tips

  It’s time once again for backyard landscaping and décor! Whether it be a graduation party, prom party, or a wedding, if you’ve never tried your hand at a DIY outdoor occasion, you’ll be happily surprised at how rewarding it can be – not to mention how much money you’ll save. And it’s a great excuse to get […]

Home energy efficiency

 Home energy efficiency landscaping is much more than an expense toward the eye appeal of your surroundings – it’s an investment in your future property value, as well as your comfort. Thoughtful landscape planning can actually generate value in excess of its initial expenditure by decreasing the expense of heating and cooling.Proper use of trees, shrubs, […]

2015 Colorado Arbor Day Poster Contest Winner!

The winner of this year’s Colorado Arbor Day Poster Contest, co-sponsored by ArborScape and the Colorado Tree Coalition, is Steck Elementary’s, Nick Babiak.  Nick’s poster, on the theme, Celebrate Trees in our Community, along with all winning posters from each school, will be on display at the state Capitol Building beginning Monday the 27th and extending through […]

Selection and Care of Living Christmas Trees

Are “living trees” a practical option? Absolutely! Potted Christmas trees in containers placed in the home and watered like a houseplant, then later transplanted out into your landscaping, are a fantastic and truly “green” choice of tree. Living trees come in all sizes, from small (to use as a tabletop variety), to medium (as a […]

Lawn Fertilizing Service

When is Lawn Fertilizing Service Effective? Lawn fertilizing service is effective in many circumstances. Time limitations, extenuating circumstances, and an unhealthy-looking lawn are just a few times when you can use a little help from a lawn fertilizing service to care for your yard when you cannot. 1) When There Isn’t Time to Fertilize Your […]