Colorado Champion Trees, tree tours, and new tree finder app

A notable tree is one that is remarkable or distinguished in some way or one that’s related to a famous or historical person, place, or event. A tree might also be notable if the surrounding community accepts it as being special, based upon its species, uniqueness, or contribution to the community. Many of the trees in tree walks and tours are notable because they are among the largest of their species in Colorado – Champion Trees. Colorado Champion Trees are determined by a formula that includes the circumference, height, and crown spread.

Twice yearly, American Forests issues their National Register of Big Trees, in part to foster an interest in and appreciation of the largest and most significant trees in the country. This list of the largest species of trees is updated each year to reflect new nominations from citizens and public and private entities. In addition to the already-Champion status of Bristlecone Pine and Singleleaf Ash, our Scotch Pine, Utah Juniper, and co-champion Narrowleaf Cottonwood qualified as national champions this fall.