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Friday Tree Fact: Plant Family Values

Studies at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario show that plants are capable of recognizing their siblings and will give them preferential treatment, competing less for valuable resources like root space than they otherwise would when surrounded by plants that are “strangers”. “Our view of nature is sometimes that nature is red in tooth and claw—that […]

Friday Fun fact: The Tree that is an Entire Forest

Seen from a distance, you’d be justified in thinking the Great Banyan Tree in the Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden is a small, independent forest. Yet step into its shade and see the connection of branches –  and you realize: wait, this is all one big, big…..  BIG tree. The Great Banyan Tree is over two hundred […]

Friday Funfact: DaVinci’s Tree Theory

500 years ago, Leonardo Da Vinci observed a simple fact that nobody had apparently ever noticed before:that “all branches of a tree … put together are equal in thickness to its trunk.”In other words, if a tree’s branches were folded upward and squeezed together, the tree would look like one big trunk with the same […]

Tree Trimming Scams 101

    Friends, neighbors, and followers:We all know that this is high time for home improvements, especially tree trimming and other plant health care treatments – and of course, where there’s plentiful activity, there are parasites who take advantage of the bustle. Here’s a heads-up on the latest tree trimming scam we’ve noticed sweeping the country […]

2015 Colorado Arbor Day Poster Contest Winner!

The winner of this year’s Colorado Arbor Day Poster Contest, co-sponsored by ArborScape and the Colorado Tree Coalition, is Steck Elementary’s, Nick Babiak.  Nick’s poster, on the theme, Celebrate Trees in our Community, along with all winning posters from each school, will be on display at the state Capitol Building beginning Monday the 27th and extending through […]