Expect Heavy Japanese Beetle Infestations This Year

Expect Heavy Japanese Beetle Infestations in 2017 - ArborScape Denver Tree Service blog

Japanese beetles (JP) defoliate over three hundred different species of trees and leafy shrubs, but are especially attracted to linden and rose bushes.
That’s just when they are adults. As grubs, they hatch in late summer and fall and are actively chewing grassroots until soil temperatures fall below 60 degrees. This can decimate root systems to the point at which the characteristic patches of dying yellow and brown grass can be lifted from the topsoil like a layer of the carpet.
This year is predicted to be an up year in the cycle, due to the especially wet year we’ve experienced -which creates a more ideal breeding ground for the JP to lay eggs.

Controlling the Japanese beetle requires a 360-degree approach using:

  • Tree sprays
  • Lawn spread insecticides
  • Cultural controls aim to control them from larval to adult stages.

Japanese beetles are green with bronze wings but are distinguished by the five tufts of white hair on their sides.