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Aeration Time of Year

While the benefits of lawn aeration have been proven in many different parts of the country, it still isn’t a practice that is embraced by every lawn care company out there. Reasons that are given include, Lack of demand.  Lack of time to schedule and perform the service. Resistance to the true utility ie they […]

Arborist Terms and Quizzes

I’ll admit. Most of our customers could care less about the difference between the phloem and the cambium or what the abiotic features of a tree are. They just want their tree healthy and looking good. But there are also the tree fanatics. This includes the Arborscape staff, who to an outsider, seem to have […]

Tips on Maintaining a Great Lawn

Fertilization On warm-season turf-grass species, withhold the first spring nitrogen application until soil temperatures at the 4-inch depth are consistently 65° F. I receive questions all the time about applying fertilizer early in the year especially when we have a warm February. Soil temperature data can to obtained by This past week (Week of April […]

Pre Emergent Lawn Weed Control

  Our pre-emergent lawn fertilization round begins March 13th and will be available through April 15th depending on the weather.  Sign up today for the most important fertilizer application of the year. Pre-emergent lawn weed control helps prevent broadleaf weeds before they are established. While labeled a weed killer,  more simply it stops the seeds […]